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College Ethos

College Ethos

Thessalonians 5:21

 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 

Statement of Ethos

Historical Background

Wesley College was founded on St Stephen’s Green, Dublin in 1845.

It relocated to its present site in Ballinteer, Dublin 16, in 1969 and is now situated on an attractive 50-acre site at the foot of the Dublin Mountains. The College was founded by the Methodist Church in Ireland and is the only Methodist second-level school in the Republic. The annual Conference of the Methodist Church appoints the Governors who include the President of the Church, the Principal of the College, together with a number of Methodist Ministers and lay members not all of whom need be Methodists. The Church also appoints a Methodist Minister as Chaplain to the College.

Having started as a boys’ school the College became co-educational in 1911. There is accommodation for up to 900 pupils, with boarding facilities for up to 90 boys and 90 girls. While it is the policy of the College to give priority to accepting pupils of Methodist and other Protestant denominations, those of other traditions and faiths are welcome.

College Ethos

The College motto is...

Prove all things, hold fast that which is good

(1 Thessalonians, chapter 5 verse 21)

The ethos of the College reflects its Methodist Foundation. The belief is that all the work and activities of the college fall under God’s guidance. Worship is an important aspect of College life, through daily Assemblies and special services at the start of each year, celebrating Founders’ Day each October, a Harvest Service for boarders each Autumn, Carol Services at Christmas and a Leavers’ Service each May.

Through its religious education programmes the Christian message is taught, emphasising the importance and relevance of Holy Scripture, with opportunities given for discussion of moral and spiritual issues and values. It is also the policy to promote understanding and tolerance of the sincerely held beliefs of those of other traditions. The aim is to enable the pupils to reach a position where they can make informed choices about personal faith for their individual lives.

Consequent on the above the ethos of the College can also be seen in the following general principles:

  • That the College exists first and foremost to serve the needs of its pupils
  • That the College aims to provide a cheerful, enthusiastic environment for the education of its pupils
  • That the education of each pupil will be given equal value
  • That the College will inculcate a strong moral and ethical code, based on Christian principles, which will enable the pupils to make wise choices affecting themselves and others
  • That a philosophy of social, intellectual and religious inclusiveness will be promoted
  • That a sense of community will be fostered focused on teaching and learning.
  • That the ideal of service will be expected and given
  • That a sense of caring and respect for others will be fostered, for pupils, teachers, ancillary staff and for the community at large
  • That policies for general behaviour management will promote high standards of self discipline and consideration for others
  • That there will be communication by teaching and example of a set of values which reflect a balance between both the material and spiritual aspects of life
  • That each pupil will be encouraged to recognize their unique value as a person with their individual talents and strengths and to develop those gifts to the best of their ability
  • That the teaching staff are committed to the College Ethos, religious observance and traditions of the College including its extra-curricular programme
  • That in the pursuit of excellence the educational programmes will draw on the best traditions of the past while at the same time reflecting the latest thinking and insights about teaching and learning.

Wesley College sees education as an all-embracing process concerned with the development of the whole person. The aim is to provide a broad education which will enable each pupil to identify and to build on their strengths and talents, while also recognizing the need to provide for those who have specific learning or physical needs.

By recognising the intrinsic value and needs of each child the College aims to enable all pupils to achieve their potential by: –

  • Developing intellectual skills through challenging learning, drawing on the culture of the past and geared to the needs of the twenty-first century
  • Acquiring social and interpersonal skills which will enable them to relate easily and co-operatively with others, with confidence and thoughtfulness
  • Recognising the importance of a healthy life-style and the value of participating enthusiastically in physical and sporting activities
  • Experiencing opportunities for creative and artistic expression visually, musically and through both the written and spoken word.
  • Receiving recognition for their achievements in accordance with their abilities and strengths
  • Having access to personal and career guidance and to a supportive structure of pastoral care
  • Supporting a boarding section in the College for pupils who might not otherwise be in a position to attend.

It is expected that all pupils and their parents, together with the College staff, will be at all times supportive of the above statement of ethos.

The above statement has been agreed by the Board of Governors, Wesley College, Dublin

Reviewed and Approved May 2011