Wesley College Dublin

Wesley College Whole School Evaluation

In 2011 the Department of Education and Skills published a Whole School Evaluation in Wesley College. This evaluation consisted of three Department Inspectors visiting the College to meet with the Board of Management, the Principal and management team, groups of teachers, parents and students. A range of lessons across subject areas was inspected.

The College is delighted that the report is exceptionally good, highlighting the excellent standards in Wesley College, whether in the areas of academic endeavour, pastoral care or extra-curricular activities. The report refers to the clear vision and clarity of direction provided by the Principal, and the emphasis that is placed on high quality teaching and the maintaining of standards of excellence.

Key findings of the evaluation are:

  • The board of Management and Principal share a clear vision of the development priorities of the school.
  • A vibrant learning environment has been firmly established in the school and respect for learning is promoted widely.
  • In supporting students, the school places commendable emphasis on recognising the achievements of students and, particularly, on the overall pastoral care of its students.
  • The ways in which the school management creates opportunities to foster and to promote excellence are examples of very effective leadership of learning.
  • The overall quality of learning and teaching observed was very good.

The following is a summary of the report.

Management of the College

  • The Principal provides a clear vision and clarity of direction for the school.
  • Senior management in Wesley share a consistent vision of school leadership.
  • Senior management have a constant presence and involvement in every aspect of school life.
  • The work of each member of senior management enhances a team approach to maintaining a high quality experience for students.

Academic Strength

  • The promotion of high quality teaching and maintaining standards of excellence is a priority for the Principal.
  • A vibrant learning community has been firmly established in the school.
  • In all previous evaluations, the quality of teaching and learning was high.
  • Respect for learning is promoted widely in the school community.
  • The excellent quality of planning in subjects was evident.
  • There is high quality planning, collaboration and professionalism within subject departments.
  • Teachers are highly prepared for lessons.
  • In all lessons observed, a very positive atmosphere prevailed.
  • Subject teachers and tutors bring qualities to their roles which ensure highly effective relationships between teachers and students.
  • Students were engaged and responsive, and clearly comfortable in the classroom environment.

Ethos of the College

  • The Chaplain is a central figure and is pivotal in sustaining the College ethos in the daily life of students.
  • Worship is an important part of school life.
  • College Assemblies allow for the integration of prayer, music, song and reflection and are daily occasions which serve to forge the school community.
  • Assemblies provide excellent opportunities to acknowledge achievements whether academic, sporting or personal.

Pastoral Care

  • Care for students in Wesley is very effective.
  • The College provides a caring and safe environment for its students and there is a strong sense of community.
  • Teachers are encouraging and supportive.

Extra-curricular activities

  • Activities range from the arts, sports, music, enterprise, to debating and drama and facilities are excellent.
  • 90% of students surveyed participated in activities outside of lesson time

Of the 176 parents surveyed:

  • 99% agree that facilities in the College are good.
  • 98% agree that the College is well run.
  • 99% agree that teaching in the College is good.
  • 97% agree that discipline in the College is good.
  • 96% agree that the atmosphere in the College is good.
  • 95% agree with the statement: “My child enjoys going to school.”
  • 97% agree with the statement: “I am happy with the school”

The teaching staff of the College can be enormously proud of this very impressive report. It is a tribute to all who work in this school.

The report concludes:

The pride in the school’s long history and traditions permeates the work of the school boards, senior management, teachers and students. Wesley College is a reflective, evaluative, self-challenging school in constant search for greater effectiveness. In the pursuit of excellence, the educational provision of the school draws on the best traditions of the past while at the same time reflecting the latest thinking and insights about teaching and learning.

Please click the following link for the full report – Whole School Evaluation