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Accelerated Reader Programme

Accelerated Reader Programme

This is a new initiative which the English Department, the SEN department and the librarians are collaborating on. This year will involve participation by preps and 1st years with the possibility of extending the programme to other students in following years.

Aims of the programme

  • Improve literacy
  • Develop a love of reading
  • Allow students to be directed to 'happy reading ability'

How it works

  •  Students take an online reading test in Digital Literacy class
  •  Results of test guide students to a particular level of book
  •  Levels are colour coded
  •  Short online quiz on completion
  •  Teacher and parent link for history of child’s reading

Parents role

  •  To make progress 20 – 30 minutes reading each evening is recommended
  •  Encourage paired reading for reluctant readers
  •  Good time together at the end of the day