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Business Studies

Business Studies


Students are exposed to how businesses operate in both a national and international environment.  Students can expect to understand how to form a business and the necessary legal requirements to be put in place to do so.  They will learn about the importance of enterprise and entrepreneurship in today’s business world and the skills and characteristics necessary to become a successful entrepreneur/manager.  How best to market one’s company from initial brainstorming of ideas to product/service development, to achieving sales of product or service and advertising will all be studied.  


Consumers and their rights are also addressed as are the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.  The legislation relating to these areas will be dealt with.  Students will also learn about the government and its role in the business environment, E.U. regulations and how social responsibility, environment regulations and transparency impact on the business world.  


Business will give students a broad understanding of these topics which are fundamental elements of 3rd level Business courses.


The Leaving Certificate examination is 3 hours for Higher Level and 2½ hours for Ordinary Level.   The Higher Level paper has three sections:

Section 1 contains short questions examining all aspects of the syllabus. 

Section 2 consists of a compulsory Applied Business Question (ABQ)

Section 3 examines the different sections of the syllabus in detail.

The Ordinary Level paper has two sections:

 Section 1 contains short questions examining all aspects of the syllabus. 

Section 2 examines the different sections of the syllabus in detail.

5th Year

Unit 1

  • People in Business
  • Conflict in Business – the Consumer

Unit 6

  • Conflict between Business and Society

Unit 2

  • Enterprise

Unit 5

  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Getting Started
  • Marketing

Unit 3

  • Introduction to Management
  • Management Skills 1  - Leadership and Motivation
  • Management Skills 2 – Communication
  • Management Activities – Planning, Organising, Controlling

Unit 6

  • Categories of Industry
  • Ownership Structures

6th Year

Unit 4         

  • Household & Business Management – Finance
  • Household & Business Management – Insurance & Taxation
  • Monitoring the Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management of Change

Unit 1

  • Conflicting Interest – Industrial Relations            

Unit 5

  • Business Expansion

Unit 6     

  • Business, Economy and Community Development
  • Government and Business   

Unit 7

  • International Trade
  • European Union
  • Global Business


There may be some changes to the order of the topics covered in each year to reflect the compulsory, Applied Business Question on the Leaving Cert paper. The ABQ is based on three of the seven Units (Year 1 – Units 1,2,3 Year 2 – Units 2,3,4 Year 3 – Units 3,4,5 etc). This question is worth 20% of the overall marks

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