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Construction Studies

Construction Studies


Construction Studies is the study of buildings and how they are designed and built. The course ranges from designing buildings, planning applications, impact of buildings on the environment, site selection, foundations, construction methods and material selection to heating, lighting, electrical installation, energy saving and interior design.  


The course has a practical element, a project, and a final exam.  The practical element comprises practical woodwork skills essential in the construction of a house.  The project is a study by the student of any aspect of the course.  It can range from furniture making, construction of buildings details to geothermal heating, architecture and interior design.  


It is not necessary to have studied Technical Graphics /Technology /Materials Technology at Junior Certificate in order to take up this subject at Senior Certificate. This subject is offered at Ordinary and Higher Level. 


Written exam  50%
Practical exam (Completed by May in final year) 25%
Project work (Completed by March in final year) 25%

5th Year

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Introduction to construction How to design a house Stairs construction and design
Workshop safety Structures in buildings Sound and noise in buildings
Orthographic drawing – elevations and plans Project research methods Acoustics
How to buy a house Condensation in buildings Pupil’s own project work
Site acquisition Fireplaces Energy saving in houses
Development plans and planning permission Sewage treatment Practical woodwork
Introduction to basic woodwork Project building Roof design
Site investigation environmental concerns Vertical section drawing – roof detail Vertical section drawing – window detail
Foundation types House design and special needs Heating systems
Section drawing – wall detail Exam techniques
Selection of building materials Concrete making
Cavity walls and floor types
Introduction to electricity
Water supply
Calculation of a u-value
Project work and planning
Wall types

6th Year

Term 1 Term 2  Term 3
Project selection Acoustics in buildings Woodwork skills
U-value calculations House design and sound principles Vertical section drawings
Drawing house plans Room design House design and room design
Woodwork skills Project making U-value calculation
Water systems  Project experiments Building and the environment
Heating systems Project writing and presentation Planning issues and high vs low density development
Electricity installation Woodwork skills Acoustics and sound damping construction
Attic conversions Exam techniques Exam techniques
House extensions
Planning matters
Passive houses
Start project
Special needs design
Flat roof design
Energy awareness

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