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The RE Senior Cycle curriculum allows each student to consider the modern world and begin to develop their own, informed opinions on social issues using philosophical and religious teachings.


Having studied world religions at Junior Cycle, students will now apply the teachings of different faiths and non-theistic traditions to situational-ethical debate and theories.

This will allow for the cultivation of group discussion, argument, questioning and the building of theological and philosophical language.  Students will explore social issues in an open classroom setting and will aim to articulate their beliefs and opinions honestly, while being receptive and respectful to the beliefs of others.


Students are encouraged to take an active role in discussion and to explore and develop their own views and beliefs and in particular to see how the culture they find themselves in shapes their thinking. Central to our aim is the pastoral welfare of the students and the course seeks to be sensitive to issues that affect student's lives directly. 


The structure of the course ensures that it has the flexibility to allow students to explore current affairs in Ireland and the world as events unfold.  The following areas will be covered over two years of the Senior Cycle.


RE is not examinable at Leaving Certificate so students will be assessed on their class participation.

5th Year

  • The search for meaning  & arguments for the existence of God
  • Gambling & Addiction
  • Cults
  • Religion and Science 
  • Religion in Sport & Music
  • Food Ethics
  • Fake News & the Media

6th Year

  •  Ethics & Morality
  • Medical ethics
  • Crime & Punishment
  • War & Conflict
  • Religion and gender
  • Religious fundamentalism and extremism 


  • Relationships & Sexual Education (SPHE curriculum)