Wesley College Dublin

Girls - Epworth House

Female boarders from our Preparatory Department right through to 6th Year reside in Epworth House at the heart of the College campus. Our modern and comfortable bedrooms are a far cry from the old-style sparse and clinical dormitories with rickety bunk beds and cold floors that once epitomised Boarding School!

Recent renovations in Epworth has meant the end to dormitories and now our cosy but spacious bedrooms house a maximum of 4 people at a time, with girls in the senior years in rooms of just two people whenever possible.

Each girl has her own wardrobe, chest of drawers, lockable cupboard as well as desk and shelving in the room. The newly renovated rooms have heated towel rails and dressing tables as well as extra electric sockets for all the hairdryers, hair-straighteners, ipods, phones and laptops that girls tend to accumulate!

We encourage the girls to personalise their rooms as much as possible with posters and photos from home, as well as any rugs, cushions or cuddly toys that makes the space their own. We recognise that creating a warm and nurturing environment for the girls away from their family home is crucial for them to settle and feel at ease in their new surroundings.

In Epworth House we seek to provide more than just basic accommodation, and try to be constantly raising and improving our standards in all we do for the girls. We do not want to be simply somewhere for the girls to sleep at night. This is their second home.

Boarding Staff

Our staff recognise the important role they play in the lives of our boarders and we take that privilege seriously. Pastoral care within the entire College, and boarding in particular, is high on the agenda for us all.
Mrs Norma Mackey is the Head of the Girls’ Boarding Department. She is assisted by 8 resident Boarding Staff and a further 3 resident Boarding Assistants who have particular responsibility for organising the fun weekend trips and activities for our 7 Day Boarders. In addition, our Prefects, elected by staff and pupils, can be counted upon to mentor and support our boarding pupils.

Any Boarders who are ill can see one of the four nurses who are on duty during the day or night. If things get a little bit more serious, then our College Doctor is always readily available as well as at her weekly clinic on campus.

Our College Chaplain, The Rev Nigel Mackey, lives on campus and is happy to talk to pupils and parents about any issues which may affect them. (He has also been known to throw more than an occasional BBQ and many feel their College experience has been boosted by one of his infamous dishes!) Working closely with our Chaplain are the two Guidance Counsellors in the Pastoral Care Team.

While the majority of our girls are from Ireland, those from as diverse places as Bahrain, Nigeria, Spain, Germany, France, Kenya, Switzerland, Russia and Saudi all blend together to give us a truly international and multicultural experience. Don’t take our word for it though – we invite you to visit and see for yourself!

A Day in the Life of Epworth House

  • 7.15am Early rise bell
  • 7.30am Everyone wakens
  • 7.45-8.15am Breakfast served in the Main Canteen
  • 8.50am Last girls leave for the school day to begin.
  • 4pm School ends and everyone returns to the Boarding house.
  • 4.10pm Afterschool activities begin
  • 5.15pm Girls at sports/clubs return to Epworth to shower or change.
  • 5.30-6.15 pm Dinner served in the Main Canteen
  • 6.45pm Prep and Study time begins with a 20 minute break in the middle.
  • 8.30pm 1st Year Prep ends. Supper is taken in Epworth House.
  • 9pm 2nd Year Prep ends Supper is taken in Epworth House.
  • 9.30pm 3rd-6th Year Prep ends. 6th Years have option of remaining in supervised Prep until 10.30pm. Supper is taken in Epworth House.


  • 1st Year : 9.45pm
  • 2nd Year : 10pm
  • 3rd Year : 10.15pm
  • 4th, 5th Years : 10.30pm
  • 6th Year : 11pm

Weekend School

At the weekends we do not have school or formal Prep times. Boarders may and do however choose to study in their own rooms or in the College Library. Academic excellence is achieved through a boarder’s on-going personal commitment to doing their very best. Here on campus resident students benefit from peer support as well as the encouragement of quality teachers. They learn to study and revise independently in preparation for university life.

Weekends & Exeats

The College is excellently situated for Boarders to make the most of Dublin and the surrounding area. 5 Day Boarders can be on the M50 and heading home within a few minutes of leaving the Campus each Friday evening.

They are also permitted to overnight free of charge if they are representing the College on Saturday morning at Sports or other activities.

7 Day Boarders can then enjoy the quieter atmosphere of the Boarding House when the 5 Day Boarders go home.

They can submit an Exeat to Mrs Mackey on Thursday evening to perhaps go shopping or to the Cinema on Saturday afternoon with their friends at Dundrum Town Centre. Often 7 Day boarders are invited to the homes of other Wesley students or family friends to overnight for the weekend and this is fine as long as emails are received from parents permitting them to do so.

Boarding Assistants organise trips and activities on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons which are compulsory for Juniors and optional for Senior students who often prefer to make their own arrangements. These have included swimming (a pool is within easy walking distance of the College), pottery making, go-carting, Smoothie Making, Museums in the City Centre, visiting a restaurant, ice-skating, Dublin Zoo, walks to Marley Park or Dun Laoghaire Pier, theatres – to name but a few.
Saturday evenings usually see the girls snuggled up with takeaway foods (the only night it is permitted!), watching DVDs together – in one of our comfortable Common Rooms. Joint evenings of fun are also sometimes organised by staff with the boys from Embury House.

On Sunday mornings all Boarders go to church with Dundrum Methodist, Taney Parish and Ballinteer Parish (Catholic) Churches all nearby.

If girls do not go on the Sunday trips then Sunday exeats are granted only for visiting with family or guardians. 5 and 7 Day Boarders are all expected to return to Epworth between 6 and 8 pm on Sunday evening.

Building Friendships, Having Fun

As well as weekend trips Epworth has “Whole House Events” during the year organised by staff and prefects. These are opportunities for the girls from across the years to have fun together and build close bonds with one another. We have enjoyed Murder Mystery Nights, Pyjama Parties, Scavanger Hunts in the Snow, Make up Demonstrations, Pancake Nights, Christmas Parties, Newspaper Fashion Shows – to name but a few! These nights provide much laughter and camaraderie and are the source of many memories we share with one another far into the future.