Wesley College Dublin

Boarding Timetable

  • 7.15am                             Early rise bell
  • 7.30am                             Everyone wakens
  • 7.45-8.15am                 Breakfast served in the canteen
  • 8.55am                             School day to begins.
  • 4pm                                    School ends and everyone returns to the boarding houses.
  • 4.10pm                             Afterschool activities begin
  • 5.15pm                             Sports/clubs end
  • 5.30-6.15pm                 Dinner served in the canteen
  • 6.45pm                             Prep and Study time begins with a 20 minute break at 8pm.
  • 8.30pm                            1st Year Prep ends - Supper
  • 9pm                                    2nd Year Prep ends - Supper
  • 9.30pm                             3rd-6th Year Prep ends. 6th Years have option of remaining in supervised Pre


  • 1st Year :                        9.45pm
  • 2nd Year :                      10pm
  • 3rd Year :                       10.15pm
  • 4th, 5th Years :           10.30pm
  • 6th Year :                       11pm

Weekend School

At the weekends we do not have school or formal Prep times. Boarders may and do however choose to study in their own rooms or in the College Library. Academic excellence is achieved through a boarder’s on-going personal commitment to doing their very best. Here on campus resident students benefit from peer support as well as the encouragement of quality teachers. They learn to study and revise independently in preparation for university life.