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6th Year Guidance

6th Year Guidance

The Guidance Department provides detailed presentations throughout the school year on the following topics:

  • Overview of the School Year from a Guidance Perspective
  • Study Skills, Motivation and Goal Setting (Outside Agency)
  • UCAS Application Process
  • Guidance Passport
  • CAO System and Application Process
  • Exam Technique
  • PLC Colleges and Other Alternatives
  • End of year General Information & Advice
  • Study & Stress

The purpose of these presentations is to assist students in making informed decisions in the progression to 3rd Level.


Full day seminar on study skills and exam techniques

UCAS Application Process for Veterinary, Dentistry, Medicine, Oxford and Cambridge

Meet with 6th Year students to begin with the CAO Application Process and 3rd Level Progression

November - December

Information Session for parents re CAO Application Process

Second individual meeting with students to further explore the CAO Application Process and 3rd Level Progression

Virtual College and University School Visits and College Open Days

UCAS Application Process

January - March

Completing DARE and HEAR applications with students.

Exploring and applying to academic and sporting scholarships.

Individual career appointments for PLC applications

Virtual 3rd Level School Visits and College Open Days                                                                                

April - May

Exam Technique Presentation

Ongoing throughout the year:

Positive steps to wellbeing promoted through Tutor period.

Anti-Bullying Education Programme

Personal counselling for students as required

Guidance Presentations

Please find a copy of the 6th Year Parents Evening talk on the CAO process:

CAO Parents Evening Presentation

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6th Year Career Guidance and Wellbeing Padlet

Comprehensive online resource updated on regular basis by the Guidance Department with information for 6th Year pupils in relation to college open days, study skills, motivation, wellbeing, colleges, etc.


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