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The Complete Co-Educational Day and Boarding School

Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts

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Role Name Phone Number Email Address
Prep Department Ms. Liana Forsyth 01-2991122 liana.forsyth@staff.wesleycollege.ie
1st Year - Year Head Mr. Jonathan Harte 01-2991112 jonathan.harte@staff.wesleycollege.ie
2nd Year - Year Head Ms. Ciara Smith 01-2991114 ciara.smith@staff.wesleycollege.ie
3rd Year - Year Head Ms. Joanna Spicer 01-2991110 joanna.spicer@staff.wesleycollege.ie
Transition Year - Year Head Mr. Karl Wall 01-2991119 karl.wall@staff.wesleycollege.ie
Transition Year - Coordinator Mr. Carl Hosford 01-2991125 carl.hosford@staff.wesleycollege.ie
5th Year - Year Head Dr. Quentin Heaney 01-2991174 quentin.heaney@staff.wesleycollege.ie
6th Year - Year Head Ms Marie Therese Molloy 01-2991173 marie.molloy@staff.wesleycollege.ie
Special Educational Needs Coordinator Ms. Sarah Mulvey


Chaplain Rev. Nigel Mackey


Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Heather Murphy


Head of Epworth House Mrs. Norma Mackey norma.mackey@staff.wesleycollege.ie
Head of Embury House Mr. Iain Wallace iain.wallace@staff.wesleycollege.ie
Head Nurse Ms. Valerie Pedlow info@wesleycollege.ie - Please put 'Medical' in Subject
Lost Property Ms. Kirsten Elliott


Student Lockers Mr. Pat Murphy