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Model United Nations

MUN at Wesley College is the all-rounder of extra-curricular activities. This student-led group encompasses communicating, researching, persuading and debating as well as public speaking and listening to others and if you are not exhausted after that, it is socialising and competing with other individuals, groups and schools whilst brushing up on world issues.

Students who take on the challenge of MUN will find it rewarding in terms of the skills it can help them develop as well as the fun they can have in the process. This is especially the case on the trips to other conferences in the UK as well as Irish based conferences where Wesley delegates have been very successful in recent years.

The group meets weekly on Tuesdays after school in the GB Shaw Auditorium to practice, research and prepare debates. All years are very welcome to attend.

WCDMUN (‘Wicked MUN’) is an MUN conference held in Wesley College Dublin every year, hosting 500 students from schools all over the world. Our conference aims to offer a valuable introduction to MUN for first-time delegates as well as allowing those with experience the opportunity and forum to demonstrate their negotiation and political skills in search of prizes. Above all, WCDMUN is a friendly conference with an emphasis on building relationships and striving for consensus. All delegates are encouraged to make it a priority to sort out the world’s problems (rather than add to them) in the spirit of cooperation and team building. After all, it is the United Nations that we are modelling. In terms of competition, delegates who demonstrate their ability to work with others and pose realistic and reasoned solutions will find MUN rewarding.

So over to you. Teachers, we really encourage you to bring your delegates to our conference. Students, do the work to prepare and you’ll enjoy this unique way to deepen your knowledge of international affairs and sharpen your political skills.

WCDMUN is an exciting gathering with preparations already under way for our next conference, WCDMUN ’24. Please visit www.wcdmun.com for conference registration details.


Any further queries please email tara.sharkey@staff.wesleycollege.ie or secgen@wcdmun.com

Why not  follow us on Twitter @WCDMUN


All Years 

Tuesday 4.15-5.30pm, G B Shaw Auditorium

Contact: Ms T Sharkey