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Music Scholarship

Music Scholarship


Scholarships may be offered to suitable candidates who show particular talent in music. These scholarships have been introduced in order to attract promising young musicians who will enhance the standard of music by their participation in the various musical events in which the College is involved each year.  Scholarships provide for a proportion of the fees for a three or six year period.

Awarding of Scholarship:

It is envisaged that one scholarship may be awarded to an entrant to 1st Year.  A second may be awarded to a pupil entering the College at the start of the senior cycle (Transition Year or 5th Year).  Scholarships will be awarded for a portion of the general school tuition fees, normally one-half or one one-quarter, but fees for individual lessons in music will not be included.  Once a scholarship has been awarded, its renewal will be reviewed annually, based on progress made and on participation in the musical life of the College being deemed sufficient to justify the continuation of the scholarship.  Scholarships awarded for a three-year period may be extended to cover the final three years where the scholar makes sufficient contribution to music in the College.

Audition Guidelines:

The scholarships will be awarded following audition and only where a sufficiently high standard is shown.

  1. Those being considered for a junior cycle scholarship should have reached at least Grade 3 standard or equivalent.
  2. For the senior cycle scholarship, the expected minimum level would be that of Grade 5.
  3. The selection committee, which will conduct the auditions, will be comprised of an external Chairperson, the Head of Music in the College and another Music Teacher from the College and may also include the Principal.
  4. While emphasis will be placed on the standard orchestral instruments, any instrument, and/or voice, may be presented.
  5. For the audition two contrasting pieces of the candidate’s own choice will be required.
  6. If a student is presenting two or more instruments for audition they must present a piece for each instrument.
  7. All candidates are expected to prepare a simple song for audition.
  8. In addition there will be a sight test, an ear test and general interview.
  9. Please send a copy of the song and piano accompaniment as outlined in the guidelines on your application form.

It is expected that those awarded scholarships will join the College Choirs, Orchestras and/or groups and be prepared to perform with them throughout the school year – e.g. on Prize Day, at the annual Carol Service, at the Music Festival and at morning Assembly.

Individual musical tuition may be arranged either privately or in the College. Scholarship holders would be expected to give priority to College activities in the event of a clash of events with an external engagement, except where the Head of Music agrees otherwise.

Musical Experience:

Applications should include full details of musical experience to date and of the standard attained.

Personal Statement:

A personal statement written by the candidate should also be included outlining how he/she envisages contributing to the musical life of the College.

General Note:

Wesley College maintains the highest standards of music making and teaching. The Music Department enjoys the expertise of teachers who also occupy positions of professional integrity in the world of music outside the College. Likewise the College is proud of the many past pupils who have graduated from Wesley into the major choral and orchestral bodies of this country and beyond. It is confidently expected that those awarded scholarships will further enhance the College’s standards and reputation in this respect.

Download application form below to apply:

Music Scholarship Application Form

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