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Book Week

Book Week

Wesley College Book Week took place from 17th to 21st January. It was hosted by the English Department with the School Library and saw events taking place across the school. Each year group had different activities organised for them, and there were prizes for all sorts of book-themed events and contests. The English Department organised a Book Swap Shop in the main concourse of the school. This proved extremely popular with students and staff alike. It was officially open for the second half of lunchtimes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, but the books were left out every day for people to browse and help themselves. The Wesley community donated extremely high-quality books, which definitely contributed to the success of the shop. All week, students were asked to have a novel in their schoolbags, and teachers of all subjects gave time for reading in class. This meant that the library was buzzing with visitors all week long. In all, students borrowed close to 400 books during the week.

Author Visits

We had two authors in school during the course of Book Week. Emilie Pine, author of Notes to Self, delivered an inspiring talk to Fifth Years on the Tuesday. And then, Dave Rudden came in on the Thursday to speak to First Years for an hour in the morning, enchanting them all with gory and hilarious anecdotes. He followed this with a writing workshop for Preps, working them hard whilst keeping them laughing. Both visits were enormously successful. It was great for students to have a chance to engage with writers face-to-face.

I am reading...

All week, staff across the school had posters of the book they are currently reading on their classroom and office doors. Students had a quiz at the end of the week to see if they could remember who was reading what


As well as the usual Library displays, one of the Student Library Assistants, Mia Jackson, worked on a special Bookflix display especially for this week. This was filled with books you can see adapted in films and series – and encouraged you to ‘Relive your favourite movies and TV series in their original form!’ The display attracted lots of attention, with books such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Dune, Gone Girl, Moxie, The Queen’s Gambit, and many others racing off the shelves. Well done, Mia!

What character am I?

On Friday, the English Department, some Sixth Years, and a few other staff members all dressed up as characters from literature. Students had to guess who they were, and could only ask them ‘yes or no’ questions. Can you work out what characters are represented in the photo below?