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Green Week Debate

Green Week Debate

All of 1st Year have been practising their debating skills in English class as part of the new Junior Cycle curriculum. The best speakers from the class debates were selected to represent their group in the Green Week Debate, organised to promote the message of this environment themed week in the school. The six finalists, Paddy Cameron, Lauren Parkes, Lucy Grier, Hannah Murray, James Burrell and Rebecca Shiel, were presented with the challenge of opposing or proposing the motion that “this house would imprison those who are not environmentally friendly.” Ms Draper and Ms Love had the task of judging the debate and were not disappointed with the well-researched, informative arguments that were presented with such passion and clarity. The enthusiastic audience were delighted to add their own points of information when the convenor, Ms Smith, opened it up to the floor. Eventually, to great applause, James Burrell was deemed the best speaker on the day.