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OAR Award

OAR Award

The final of the annual public speaking competition in 2nd Year took place on Friday, February 17. Prior to the event, everyone in 2nd Year presented a speech in class and two from each were chosen to go forward to the final in front of a very enthusiastic and appreciative audience. Each participant had to speak on a topic of their choice for at least three minutes. The topics were wide ranging, from homelessness to the importance of music and the very popular issue of gender equality. Mr Gallagher and Ms Jackson judged the speeches which were notable for the confident delivery, lively engagement with the audience and wonderful research. The Oratory and Rhetoric Award was eventually presented to Anna Lew for her commanding speech on homelessness. Well done to every 2nd Year pupil who spoke in class. While a necessary oral component of the new Junior Certificate curriculum, it is also a vital life skill.