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Tag der Deutschen Einheit

Tag der Deutschen Einheit

To celebrate 'Tag der Deutschen Einheit' (German day of Unity), students in German lessons at Wesley College completed a number of celebratory activities!

In 1st Year, students competed in a poster competition using all the wonderful language they have learned already in lesson with Herr Weyers. They also played several rounds of bingo for full house! Check out their cool posters!

In 2nd Year, students completed a poster competition using exclamations they had learned in lesson with Herr Weyers. Take a look!

In 3rd Year and 5th Year, students completed a quiz about Germany.

Transition Year students tried hard to pronounce some German language tongue twisters. Tricky!

In 6th Year, students learned about German literature, famous German speaking artists and composers like Goethe, Kafka, Klimt and Beethoven.