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Ukraine Fundraising

Ukraine Fundraising

Wesley College is aiming to raise funds to assist in the humanitarian efforts of the Irish Red Cross as they work to help the people of Ukraine. We are looking for the support of the Wesley community in our efforts. Parents have been sent a letter outlining how these funds can be collected. 


In order to get a figure for the actual Wesley College community donation, this is what we propose for Tutor/Reg on Tuesday morning:

  1. Individuals & families who will donate or have donated electronically should write on a piece of paper the amount donated. 
  2. e.g. I/My Family contributed '€x' to the Irish Red Cross.
  3. They can sign it or simply leave it anonymous. Fold the piece of paper and hand up to their tutor.
  4. Those who are donating cash, should put the money in an envelope, seal it and give to their tutor.
  5. Again, they may give their name or leave anonymous.

We thank you very much for your support in our efforts to help the people of Ukraine.