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Walton and Cocker Prizewinners

Walton and Cocker Prizewinners

Last term, 5th Year students of Science subjects were invited to submit their research essays for the Walton and Cocker Prize.  A number of really excellent essays were presented, in clear and compelling writing. Well done to all the students. 

The prize winners are: 

Cocker Prize for Biology

Leah Paul – Peppers! A Potential Biological Cure for Alzheimers Disease

Cocker Prize for Chemistry

Danial Ahmed - Completing the Periodic Table: an Unstable Future

Walton Prize for Physics

Charlie Eddershaw – Breaking new ground: The rise of Physics in blood pattern analysis

School prizes have also been awarded to the following students for excellent essays:

Elena Donitzky (Chemical weapons: their effects on the human body)

Emma Costello (Cygnus X-1: a Black Hole?)

 Ben Fitzpatrick, (Does our greatest strength have a terrible weakness?)