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Remote Extra-Curricular

Remote Extra-Curricular

It’s hard to say who is missing extra-curricular sports more, the coaches or the students.

To keep everyone active and moving the Sports staff have devised a series of online sessions. These workouts are designed to suit everyone from those who exercise a little to a lot and will give the students a goal and the motivation to do something on at least 3 days a week.

All that is needed is a small area to work out, be it a suitable space in your house or if it is a nice day then your garden is perfect. Once that is sorted, the other recommendations are a towel, a full water bottle, and a mat or a rug for floor work. As the sessions progress over the weeks, students are encouraged to challenge themselves with small dumb bells or even 2 tins of beans or something similar.

Here is a breakdown of the three sessions during the week.

Workouts and Individual Wellness  

The first session is a circuit style workout cover all the muscles in a total body, balanced programme. There are three levels for every exercise so that everyone can find their best workout.

This is followed by a mix of Pilates, Yoga and breathing exercises to help keep us mindful during these times.


Balance and Coordination

The second session starts with balance and coordination drills with Craig. Working on single leg balance work, strength, and reactive exercises. He also incorporates hand-eye coordination drills to keep us sharp.

On top of this each year group has been set a Happy Heart Challenge. The aim is to complete 50km walking/jogging/running or 150km cycling over the coming weeks, with each year group joining the challenge on the Wesley Strava Clubs. This is a great way to challenge your friends and see who can get there first but also to just to challenge yourself to reach the target, it doesn’t matter how long it takes or how fast you go, just that you’re getting out and keeping healthy.


Posture Re-alignment and Nutrition

The third session starts with a posture and mobility session. This helps to correct the poor posture created by sitting at a computer all day – something we’re not used to. This focuses on opening up the chest and activating the muscles in our back.

Lastly, Richard brings us through some healthy eating tips, giving us advice on how to fuel ourselves for the day, getting more energy and preparing ourselves correctly for the days we do exercise.


All the videos can be found on the Wesley College Strength and Conditioning so be sure to subscribe and if you miss a session on Teams you will be able to access it all there.