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Wesley College is very proud of its strong tradition in hockey, the girls first entered the Leinster senior cup in 1913 and first won the competition in 1924. Boys hockey was first introduced in 1984 with teams competing at u13, u14 and Junior level. A Senior team was first entered into the Leinster Senior Cup in 1987 with our first cup win coming in 1995. This provincial success has also translated into national success, both the senior boys and senior girls have won the All Ireland title 3 times in our history.
The College also has a strong record of producing outstanding international players with 22 names currently on the international board. A massive 16 of those players have gained their first cap since 2000, a clear indication of the growth of the sport in the school in recent times.
There is a full programme in place with training sessions and matches taking place 6 days a week in the Autumn, Winter and Spring terms. The college currently fields 18 girls teams and 11 boys teams who are all entered into the various Leinster Branch Competitions. Touring is also a big part of our tradition within the school. Every year trips are taken around the country both North and South. Over the years there have been many trips abroad including Zimbabwe, Australia, Holland, Belgium, Spain and the UK.