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Past Pupils

Past Pupils

We are very proud of our strong sporting history in Wesley College, and we are very fortunate to have so many past pupils who have achieved international honours in a range of different sports. One of our most recent past pupil to represent Ireland on the international stage is cyclist Lara Gillespie (Class of 2019). Lara holds numerous Irish titles and has won medals on both the European and World stage in various cycling disciplines including cyclocross, road racing and track cycling.


In the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, we had four past pupils who represented Ireland at the games. Mitch Darling, Kyle Good and Kirk Shimmins played for Ireland in Hockey, while Scott Evans competed on the Badminton court becoming the first Irishman to ever win a Badminton match at the Olympic Games.

On the rugby field, rising star Josh Van der Flier is our most recently capped full international player, making his debut against England in the 2016 Six Nations Championships. Josh was awarded the Leinster and IRUPA Young Player of the Year Award, and was also picked on the Pro12 Team of the Year in 2016.


Stella Davis and Anna May Whelan have represented Irish Hockey in recent years. Stella recently presented her Ireland jersey to the College for display on the representative jersey wall. 



Past Pupils who have achieved full international representation:

Name Sport Year First Capped
F Davies Rugby


L McIntosh Rugby 1884
A Walpole Rugby 1888
W S Brown Rugby 1892
R H Lambert Cricket, Badminton 1893
G T Hamlet Rugby


S Crawford Cricket 1903
J E Moffat Rugby 1904
T H Robinson Rugby 1904
S McComas Hockey 1905
W P Hinton Rugby 1907
G P Beckett Rugby, Water Polo 1908
J Naim Water Polo 1908
H R Aston Rugby 1908
J G Aston Cricket 1909
F Bennett Rugby 1913
J C Gillespie Rugby 1922
R D Gray Rugby 1923
L D Cullen Athletics 1928
F Horlacher Football, Water Polo 1930
F Duke Hockey 1935
E A Carry Rugby 1945
N B Hool Cricket 1947
K Tinegate Rowing (England) 1950
W Pappin Table Tennis 1952
I M Jaffey Cricket 1953
J B Lawson Athletics 1954
K W Hope Cricket 1958
S Price Hockey 1960
H De Lacy Hockey 1961
B Rickard Hockey 1963
E Bradshaw Golf, Hockey, Cricket 1964
E W Briggs Water Polo 1962
P James Golf 1967
M Halliday Cricket 1970
D Wilkins Sailing  1972
L Young Badminton 1978
D Foster Equestrian 1979
C T Brown Golf (Wales) 1980
C May Orienteering, Athletics 1981
J May Orienteering 1981
N Lane Badminton 1981
P Rufli Athletics 1981
S Clarke Orienteering 1984
K R Bailey Cricket 1985
H Lane Badminton 1986
N Sweeney Athletics 1987
M Sweeney Athletics 1987
J Kron Athletics 1990
T Eakin Golf 1990
E R Moore Cricket 1991
N Squire Cricket 1991
E Miller Rugby 1996
D J McQuaid Cycling 1998
S Gee Football 1998
G Champ Canoeing 1998
L D Molins Cricket 1999
N Symmons Hockey 2001
N Cinnamond Mountain running 2002
A Johnston Croquet 2003
S Evans Badminton 2004
P R Blakeney Hockey 2005
P H Maguire Hockey 2005
J L Smythe Cricket 2005
K Corrigan Rugby (Amateur) 2006
Z Dahl Hockey 2006
L Evans Badminton 2006
M Warburton Rugby (Amateur) 2006
E Richardson Cricket 2006
M R Darling Hockey 2006
I Walker Hockey 2006
A T McConnell Hockey 2007
R E Barbour Rugby League 2008
N Hogan Athletics 2008
M J Maguire  Hockey 2009
D S Robinson Hockey 2009
B Doherty Hockey 2009
A Rice Athletics  2010 
 K Good Hockey 2011
Julie Van der Flier Cricket 2011
K Shimmins Hockey 2013
S Davis Hockey 2014
 S Brownlow Hockey 2015 
 L Chadwick Hockey  2015 
 A M Whelan Hockey  2016 
 Josh Van der Flier Rugby  2016 
L Paul Cricket 2017
L Madeley Hockey 2017
D Walsh Hockey 2017
L Gillespie Cycling


I Stewart Hockey