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Student Digital Standards


Student Digital Standards

The self-evaluation and improvement plan was compiled in 2019.  An evaluation of progress on this plan and updated targets will be posted during this coming term.

One of the items contained in it was students’ digital learning. Our first target for this area was to increase the use of College email by students for communication with staff. It was always intended for this to be a gateway into exploring the growing potential of the Office 365 environment for enhancing student learning opportunities.  Progress with this was of course accelerated with the physical closure of schools in March of this year. Following surveys of teaching staff, students and parents it became very apparent that Microsoft Teams was the preferred and most effective central point for the delivery of remote teaching. In addition, OneNote is seen as an extremely important tool for the organisation and sharing of work. OneNote works alongside Teams and the Class Notebook. Each Class Notebook can be accessed within Teams and more powerfully within its own app as well. 

We believe that Teams and OneNote will be a beneficial addition to our normal teaching and learning going forward. Towards the end of last term further consultation was undertaken with students and staff and a set of Digital Standards was proposed. It is intended to provide training during the first few weeks for students so that all might be able to achieve this minimum digital standard. This will have the students well-prepared digitally for the coming year.

In addition, it is worth noting that using the downloaded apps of Microsoft Teams and OneNote on a laptop does provide the best learning experience for students. Every student can download all the Microsoft Office 365 applications for free using their college login.

A minimum standard will mean that each student will be able to do the following:

Microsoft Teams


Access and follow directions from a post in Teams (reply to posts where necessary)


Receive and hand in Assignments/Forms within Teams


Scan a document using Office Lens and save as a PDF

(File name with your name and topic e.g. “Jane Brown Hamlet Essay”)


Check the assignments tab in each of your class Teams to see your own progress and results


Join and participate in a Teams Meeting

 Microsoft OneNote


Access and use content in a Class Notebook Content Library

2 Insert/Printout a PDF into OneNote

You may find the attached Student Guide to Teams useful to look at with your son/daughter. Please click on the link below to download this guide.

Student Guide to Teams